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What we offer

What we offer

Our consultants will either organize your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception as
a whole, or they will take care only of the parts specified by you. If the only thing you need
is advice, we will also be happy to help.
Our offer includes:

- decorations of the church/ registry office and of the venue of the reception,
- preparation of a wedding scenario,
- preparation of the budget preparation of the budget and schedule,
- selection of the venue for the wedding ceremony and for the reception,
- invitations and announcements,
- selection of wedding apparel,
- styling,
- arrangement of the music for both the wedding ceremony and the reception,
- film and photographicdocumentation,
- hire and decoration of the limousine or of other vehicles,
- catering and selection of the wedding cake,
- dancing classes,
- transport arrangements for the guests,
- accommodation for the guests,
- special attractions - fireworks, dance shows, surprises,
- wedding day co-ordination,
- and all kinds of services not listed above!

If you have already prepared a scenario for Your Special Day, tell us about it and we will make your dream wedding become reality! We are open to all suggestions. If you dream about getting married underwater, on a hot air balloon, or on board of a ship or plane - we will make it real. We are only here to assist you in the fulfilment of your dreams!